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The first thing I must say is that I thought this was a fantastic book; exciting, FULL of surprises, intriguing. However, I was so disappointed with the ending. That is not to say that it is not good but just … I don’t know, but for me, it wasn’t quite right.

How clever Ms Regan must be to contrive such a plot. She presents us with three women, Ellie, Liz and Betsy. Ellie is the party animal, hedonistic and sadly wild; Liz is the driven career girl – fighting to maintain her place in the male dominated financial world; cramming the gym, work and laddish behaviour into her hectic life; Betsy is the counterpoint to the others – offering a space for her friends to relax, eat and off-load their problems. Fantastic characters but somehow flawed. How I worried about them. ‘Why would she do that’ was the recurrent refrain that accompanied my reading.

Several times I was taken by surprise as another facet was revealed (I didn’t expect that/ well, I didn’t see that coming), very clever multi-layered structure.

What greatly enhanced my enjoyment of this book was the London setting. As she described various places I could picture it exactly in my mind – all adding credibility to the plot.

Would I recommend it – absolutely.

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